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Elementary Problems in Organic Chemistry (NEET / AIIMS)

M.S. Chauhan’s Organic Chemistry Book New Edition useful for AIIMS Entrance Exams 2019.

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Author : M. S. Chouhan
Edition : New Edition 2019
Useful Book For : NEET / AIIMS Medical Competition Entrance Exams

About “Elemantary Problems in Organic Chemistry (NEET / AIIMS)”

The present “Elementary Problem in Organic Chemistry Book for NEET / AIIMS” has been written to clarify the concepts of Organic Chemistry of NEET / AIIMS aspirants through problems.

I think the book will be very useful to strengthen the conceptual part of the subject as well as the application of concepts. Because most of students follow sequence of topics prescribed by NCERT, so the chapter and problems have been arranged strictly in the sequence prescribed by NCERT, so that students may check their level of preparation during classroom studies for board examinations.

I hope that the present book will cater to the needs of JEE aspirants and as a matter of fact, they will endjoy the present venture and I would feel rewarded if this book is found helpful to the students and teachers in real terms. All attempts have been made to make the book error free however a few misprints may inadvertently creep.

Also, I acknowledge the blessing and support of my mother Smt. Raj Kanwar, father Sh. B.S. Chouhan, brother Dr. V.S. Chouhan, my wife and daughter. They inspired me all the time during the preparation of this Elementary Problem in Organic Chemistry book for NEET / AIIMS Medical Competition Entrance Exams.

Furthermore, I also pay my sincere thanks to all the esteemed members of M/s Shri Balaji Publications in bringing out this book for Medical Competition Entrance Exams like NEET / AIIMS in such a nice form.

In the last, constructive criticism and valuable suggestions from the readers are most welcome to make Elementary Problems in Organic Chemistry for NEET / AIIMS Book more useful.

M. S. Chouhan

Email : mahen_chouhan@yahoo.com


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