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Chemistry – Vol. 1 (Physical Chemistry)

Dr. P. Bahadur’s Physical Chemistry Book useful for JEE Main & Advanced Entrance Exams.

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ISBN : 978-81-930405-7-7
Author : Dr. P. Bahadur
Edition : 10th
Useful Book For : JEE Main & Advanced Engineering Competition Entrance Exams

About “Chemistry – Vol. 1 (Physical Chemistry)”

A warm welcome of our previous title “Numerical Problems in Physical Chemistry” has encouraged us to bring in the eighth edition under the title “Chemistry for JEE Vol. I – Physical Chemistry”. Sincere advice and suggestions made by many of faculty members of chemistry to include some basic problems have been incorporated accordingly. Hopefully, all these additions will enhance the practical value of this Physical Chemistry Book for JEE Main & Advance Engineering Competition Entrance Exams Preparation.

The present edition is based on the New Pattern of JEE Examination. The book covers all the topics on physical Chemistry as given in latest syllabus of JEE. In presenting this edition, I had may primary object to provide a complete up-to-date problem book for the new pattern entrance test. The typical problems in book are no doubt of plus level but it has been kept in mind that irrelevant problems which are not covered by the syllabus are not to be included. The type and trend for the selection of problems is based on the previous years IIT-JEE problems however a few steps up.

The matter provided in this Physical Chemistry Book which is useful for JEE Main & Advanced Exams includes nine exercises in each chapter as shown below :

1st Exercise : It provides the Elementary Numerical problems and their complete solutions for  beginners to become familiar with basic  formula and their applications.

2nd Exercise :  In this exercise Previous Years IIT-JEE Numerical problems are provided with complete solution.

3rd Exercise : This exercise includes Selected Objective Problems (A. only one option is correct and B. more than one option are correct, objective problems) are provided with complete solution.

4th Exercise : This exercise includes Previous Years IIT-JEE and AIEEE Objective Problems upto 2015 with their solutions.

5th Exercise : Matrix matching type problems.

6th Exercise : Integer answer type problems.

7th Exercise : In this exercise Comprehension Based Objective Problems are provided to develop the analytical ability.

8th Exercise : This exercise includes Statement-Explanation Type Problems.

9th Exercise : This exercise includes Advanced Numerical Problems.

The solutions provide a clear and intuitive description of the concepts that underline the approach to understand the basic fundamentals and approach to solve the problems.

Hope readers will enjoy this effort. All attempts have been made to clean up every error, but as happens with problems a few obscure bugs may remain. We would greatly appreciate on hearing from you about errors and omissions that you identify. If you would like to suggest improvements or to contribute problems, we would also be glad to hear from you. I am thankful to Sh. Dhananjay Bhowmik, Guwahati, for his fruitful suggestions.

I would like to thank all our team members of Shri Balaji Publications who gave us freedom to work on this project while doing their real job.

In the last, I wish for a nice attempt and good success for IIT aspirants in getting through JEE Main & Advanced Competition Entrance Exams.

Dr. P. Bahadur


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