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Conceptual Inorganic Chemistry

Prabhat Kumar's Inorganic Chemistry Book useful for JEE Main & Advanced Entrance Exams.

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ISBN :  978-81-930405-4-6
Author : Prabhat Kumar
Edition : 
Useful Book For : JEE Main & Advanced Engineering Competition Entrance Exams

About “Conceptual Inorganic Chemistry”

As a follow up to suggestions from learned teachers and successful students, I felt it would be a much better idea to present the subject of Inorganic Chemistry separately for engineering aspirants as the level of the subject for the two streams differ widely. A common book would be a voluminous luxury having a part useless for one, whereas remaining portion being useless for the rest. The book “Conceptual Inorganic Chemistry” has emerged as an outcome of inspiring appreciation, valuable suggestions and constructive criticism from various academic institutions and their ingenious students. It is specially designed for JEE Main & Advanced competition preparation and other engineering entrance examination aspirants with a view to present maximum concepts in a concise manner.

I wholeheartedly wish to put on record the guidance and invaluable support of Dr. P. Bahadur, Dr. Sunita Bahadur and Dr. P. Bahadur have both proved to be inspiring and supportive by ensuring their blessings in this pursuit of mine.

I have full belief that readers of the revised book would find it more suitable to their individual needs. However, the constructive and well directed suggestions and criticisms would be highly appreciated and changes made accordingly in the next edition.

In the last, I would like to pay my sincere thanks to all members of Shri Balaji Publications who took pains during the preparation of this “Conceptual Inorganic Chemistry” book.

Prabhat Kumar


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