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Mathematics Booster (JEE/BITSAT)

Mathematics Booster (Based on 29 Chapter of NCERT Mathematics Books for xi and xii) useful for JEE / BITSAT Entrance Exams by Dr. Sudhir Kumar Pundir.

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Product Description

ISBN  978-9-3849348-5-9
Author Sudhir Kumar Pundir
Edition 1st
Useful For JEE/ BITSAT Exams

Author : Dr. Sudhir Kumar Pundir
Edition : 1st (2019) 
Useful Book For : JEE/BITSAT & Other Engineering Entrance Exams

About “Mathematics Booster for JEE / BITSAT”

The present book ‘NCERT Mathmatics Booster’ has been designed primarily to meet the requirement of the aspirants of JEE, BITSAT and other Engineering Entrance Examinations.

This Book Contains:

  • Chapter wise synopsis for quick revision
  • Questions framed from almost each and every topic of NCERT text and NCERT Exemplar books
  • Assertion / Reason type questions
  • Self assessment test to check your progress

I also Pay my regards to all the members of M/s Shri Balaji Publications in bringing out this book in such a nice form.

Dr. Sudhir Kumar Pundir

Email : skpundir05@yahoo.co.in


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