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Mechanics (Vol. 1) for JEE

Er. Anurag Mishra's Mechanics Book useful for JEE Entrance Exams.

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ISBN : 978-81-930405-8-4
Author : Er. Anurag Mishra
Edition : 7th
Useful Book For : JEE Main & Advanced Engineering Competition Entrance Exams

About “Mechanics (Vol. 1) for JEE Main & Advanced”

Mechanics (Vol. 1) for JEE Book is an opportunity to present my experiences as I have been involved in teaching Physics for last 18 years. During my interaction with IIT-JEE Engineering Competition Entrance Exams aspirants, I realized that most feared topic is mechanics.

Some of the reasons put forward by students behind this thought were :
  • No spontaneous thoughts appear after reading a problem. Mind goes blank. Can not proceed in a problem.
  • How to proceed in a problem? Which law is applicable, that is given problem will involve conservation of energy or momentum or both.
  • If someone says solve the problem in non-inertial reference frame, horrible thoughts appear in mind.
  • Total confusion about CM frame.
  • Proper understanding of constraints.
  • Short cut approach in relative motion.
  • No single book available that gives large no. of solved examples with elaboration of concepts in a solution.

Hence, this Mechanics (Vol. 1) for JEE Main & Advanced book will help the students in building analytical and quantitative skills, addressing key misconceptions and developing confidence in problem solving.

Also, I sincerely wish that this book will fulfill all the aspirations of the readers. Although we have taken utmost full care to make the book free from error but some errors inadvertently may creep in. Author and Publisher shall be highly obliged if suggestions regarding improvement and errors are pointed out by readers. I am indebted Neeraj Ji for providing me an opportunity to write a book of this magnitude.

Furthermore, I am indebted to my father Sh. Bhavesh Mishra, my mother Smt. Priyamvada Mishra, my wife Manjari, my sister Parul, my little kids Vrishank and Ira for giving their valuable time which I utilized during the writing of this book and people of Moradabad, who supported me throughout my career.

In the last, I also pay my sincere thanks to all the esteemed members of Shri Balaji Publications in bringing out this Mechanics (Vol. 1) book for JEE Main And Advanced Engineering Competition Entrance Exam preparation in the present form.

Er. Anurag Mishra


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