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Physics for NEET Part 2 (Sarbjeet Singh)

Physics for NEET Part 2 Book (Combined – New version) – Synopsis & Previous Year Exam Problems with Solutions useful for NEET/AIIMS by Sarabjeet Singh.

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Product Description

Author : Sarbjeet Singh
Edition : 2nd
Useful Book For : NEET / AIIMS Medical Competition Entrance Exams

About “Physics for NEET Part 2 – (Combined-New version) ”

Shri Balaji Physics for medical competition entrance exams is the medium for sharing my experience of 15 years of teaching Physics to medical stream students. While teaching medical aspirants, I have realized that most of the students have fear of Physics.

Some of the reasons stated by the students are :
  • I can understand theory but can’t solve numerical problems.
  • I don’t find MCQs arranged topic wise in most of the available objective books. When I try MCQs from such books I cannot understand which concept  should be applied to solve the problem.
  • I don’t find proper explanation of the problems in objective books.
  • Most of the objective books have problems for both medical and non medical streams, I don’t  get real examination exposure.

I have written Physical for NEET – Part 2 exclusively for medical competition entrance exams aspirants keeping in view the problems faced by the medical students. This book is written on the basis of the latest trends of NEET and AIIMS Entrance Exams. We have given Synopsis of theory along with the topics wise arranged MCQs from various previous year examinations . All the MCQs are fully solved with proper explanation. This book will help the students to develop confidence for problem solving.

I sincerely wish that this book will fulfil all the aspirations of the reader. We have made lots of efforts to check the mistakes and misprints in the book but it is very difficult to claim perfection. We will acknowledge and incorporate all the errors, omissions and suggestions for the improvement in the next edition.

Also, I’m grateful to my father Dr. Amarjeet Singh, my mother Mrs. Mohinder Kaur, my father in law Sh. Ishwar Dutt Kalra, and my mother in law Smt. Gunraj Kumari for their moral support. I owe a debt of gratitude to my wife Priyanka and my little kids Gunbir and Seerat for always making me smile and understanding when I was writing this book instead of spending time with them.

Furthermore, I’m also thankful to my colleagues for their support and suggestions.

I also Pay my regards to all the members of M/s Shri Balaji Publications in bringing out this book in such a nice form.

Sarbjeet Singh

Email : sarbjeet_cp@yahoo.com


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