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Problems in Physical Chemistry New Edition

Narendra Avasthi’s Physical Chemistry Book New edition useful for JEE Main & Advanced Entrance Exams 2019.

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Product Description

ISBN :  978-81-930405-2-2
Author : Narendra Avasthi
Edition : 12th
Useful Book For : JEE Main & Advanced Engineering Competition Entrance Exams

About “Problems in Physical Chemistry”

It is a matter of great pleasure for me to present the tenth edition of   “Problems in Physical Chemistry” for JEE Main & Advanced Competition Exams aspirants. This book brings out the experience gained during many years of teaching to the JEE Entrance Exams aspirants. The objective of this book is to provide proper guidance and relevant material, which is really needed for the preparation of Engineering Competition Entrance Exams such as JEE Main & Advanced.

In Problems in Physical Chemistry Book, very useful brief theory of each chapter provided and each chapter consists of three levels of problems to cover the wide subject of chemistry in a nut shell.

The level of problems given in this book is essentially required for JEE aspirants :

1st Level :  Problems based on basic concepts and are useful just to begin the topic.

2nd Level : Challenging problems based on twists and wide applications of facts.

3rd Level : Problems based on Comprehensions, Problems with One or More than one Correct Option, Matching Type Problems, Assertion – Reason Type Problems and Subjective Problems (Integer Type Problems) to make the students familiar with current JEE Pattern.

Hence, the problems are completely supported by answers. In the last, hints and solution have also been provided wherever necessary, to save precious time of students.

Furthermore, I hope that this effort will cater to the needs of JEE Main & Advanced Entrance Exams aspirants and as a matter of facts they will really enjoy the subjects with the problems given. I would feel rewarded if you achieve your goal with the help of Problems in Physical Chemistry Book.

We have made lots of efforts to make Problems in Physical Chemistry free from errors. In the last constructive criticism and valuable suggestion from the readers are most welcome to make this effort more useful.


Narendra Avasthi

Email : avasthisir@gmail.com, sodiumsir@rediffmail.com


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